Circle lamp

The circle lamp is a cutting-edge design lamp with an iconic streamlined shape and contemporary expressive style in perfect balance. Made of polished concrete, the base provides the perfect site for the oversized circular light bulb that gives the lamp its recognizable personality and creates a large spotlight. The round top is made of selected chestnut wood with a matt oil polish holding a beautiful brushed aluminium touch sensor in the center. 


The Circle lamp’s sleek design is timeless and sophisticated, and seems likely to continue to appeal for decades to come. The beautifully contrasting color combination of diverse materials create a perfect harmony and take it into exciting new directions. Innovative, eye-catching and delicious to look at, the Circle lamp is an innovative table lamp. The streamlined, minimal approach with strong geometric shapes complements a wide variety of interiors. 

Bright light

The circular lamp uses a very pleasant warm halogen light with 55w power and 4200 Lumen brightness. 

Touch sensor

Equipped with touch sensor electronics the lamp can be lighten by tapping the circular metal sensor.

Minimal Design

The Circle lamp’s sleek design is timeless with an iconic streamlined shape and contemporary expressive style.

HQ Materials

Only high quality materials like polished concrete, chestnut wood and brushed aluminium have been selected.

Chestnut wood

For the center top of the lamp we use this beautiful chestnut wood selected from France with its nice details.


The main base of the lamp is made of beautiful & fine concrete poured and taken from a silicon rubber mold. 

Brushed steel

The middle touch sensor is made of brushed aluminium as a nice contrast to the wooden top and concrete base.

Textile cable

The lamp is being operated with a cupper colored high quality textile cable wire. 


Filip Triner creates beautiful minimal design across various disciplines. He is a designer & maker with international experience ranging from Germany, Switzerland, USA to Australia where has worked as Senior Designer and Art Director for renowned design studios. Besides he is the founder of Mindsparkle Mag with 250k monthly views, founder of Only / Once vintage designshop and owner of Language Hunt. 

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